UK firm sees higher revenue in renewable energy source

UK firm sees higher revenue in renewable energy source

UK-BASED company Geotechnical Instruments Ltd is targeting revenue growth of 20% in Malaysia, driven by opportunities arising from the use of palm oil waste as a renewable energy (RE) source. 

The company, a leading supplier and manufacturer of portable and fixed gas analysers with presence in 66 countries across the world, says renewable energy makes up 5.5% of the country’s total energy production in 2015, with ambitious targets to increase this to 7.8% by 2020; all of products to the region for the past 10 years.

To-date, it has worked with anaerobic digestion (AD) plant operators in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors by providing monitoring equipment and support services for biogas analysis and production, a key component in the production of renewable energy.

At a media briefing held in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Biogas Forum 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Geotech managing director Steve Billingham said, “Malaysia has amazing potential for the development of biogas and biomass as alternative and renewable sources of energy, thanks to its extensive tropical rainforests and large palm oil plantation base, which covers over 15% of the country’s land mass.”

In addition, Malaysia has put in place various initiatives, such as the National Renewable Energy Plan 2009 and the National Biomass Strategy 2020. 

A total of 113 palm oil mills were identified in 2015 to generate electricity from biogas. 

Out of this, 12 are connected to the national power grid network while 79 others are in the process of being connected.

“Over the past few years, we have seen an increased interest by landfill and palm oil plantation operators in Malaysia to move towards greater renewable energy production through AD systems; which can turn food and palm waste into biomethane, a renewable energy source that could reduce Malaysia’s heavy reliance on natural gas,” said Billingham. 

“We are excited to share our experience and success in helping plant operators optimise their AD processes and boost energy production targets with industry players in Malaysia and South-East Asia,” he added.

Geotech is looking to expand its presence to landfill and palm oil plantation operators in Malaysia by going beyond the supply of gas analysers and monitoring equipment to enhancing its after sale service include educational content, webinars and skills development programmes for local customers.

Geotech leads the biogas monitoring equipment market in Malaysia with 50% of market share, thanks to the of its portable gas monitoring equipment, BIOGAS 5000. 

It also plans to boost its growth in the region with the introduction of the GA3000 PLUS, its flagship fixed gas analyser. 

The company operates via a distributor model, collaborating with local partner, EnviroEquip, in order to supply its products to a wide range of customers and industries in the country.

EnviroEquip founder Joseph Brani said, “Our Malaysian customers have always held Geotech’s monitoring equipment in good stead, thanks to its excellent quality, reputation and certification standards.

“Moving forward, we are excited about Geotech’s plans to increase its after-sale support and services that will empower customers with greater knowledge in managing their monitoring equipment. 

“Through these efforts, we are certain that Geotech analysers will remain the product of choice for our Malaysian customers.”


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