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Seminar on Hazardous Waste

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The ISWA-WMRAS-NEA Seminar on Hazardous Waste Combine thetechnical and policy expertise of experts from Europe and Singapore with their extensive experience in hazardous waste projects, to deliver a high-impact programme on managing different hazardous waste streams

 Programme Scope:

 This unique is structure to cover the policy, handling practices, treatment techniques and environmental aspects of developing hazardous waste management systems.This is includes studying the sources and characteristics of different hazardous waste their handling and transportation, their legal framework and regulatory requirements, as well as high-performance hazardous waste recycling and treatment techniques.The seminar will also present the design, solutions and implementation of appropriate and sustainable hazardous waste management systems. Participants will gain a better appreciation of the important variables to focus on, in developing a sound hazardous waste management practice.

Who Should Attend:

This seminar is tailored for a broad range of stakeholders dealing with hazardous waste management matters, including government officials, technicians, practitioner, consultants as well as public and private waste operators.wastemanagement systems.



For enquries, please contact

WMRAS at Tel: +655333-5328 or





















   About the Speakers


     Shunichi Honda             Jean-Paul Leglise                Erik Wormstrand              Cora Quinn 

      Programme Officer           Chair of the working group         Member of working group on              Manager

      UNEP International                on hazardous waste            hazardous waste management             Ramboll

Environmental Technology                management                                     ISWA

          Centre (IETC)                                ISWA                            Senior Specialist at COWI 

The Training, Advisory and Promotion (TAP Centre was established under a tripartite agreement between the  international Solid Waste Association (ISWA), the waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS), and the National Environment Agency (NEA) in 2010. As ISWA’s first-of-its kind training centre outside  Europe, the TAP Centre organizes regional and international

management training workshops, forums and tradeshows to promulgate an efficient waste management environment in Asia. The TAP Centre is a key hub for sustainable waste management, serving as a repository of knowledge and data, as well as a catalyst for regional collaboration and public-private partnerships in Asia.





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