ISWA-NEA-WMRAS Seminar on Waste-to-Energy // 5-7 June 2014

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ISWA-NEA-WMRAS Seminar on Waste-to-Energy // 5-7 June 2014

Waste-to-energy (WTE) technology plays a key role in sustainable waste management. Modern WTE incinerators can reduce the volume of the original waste by as much as 95%, depending on waste composition and degree of material recovery. Deploying advanced WTE solutions achieves goals of waste reduction, recycling, recovery, treatment, eliminates the need for intermediate waste storage and can keep the disposal of organic wastes from exceeding 5% of total organic carbon in landfills.

The training programme is structured to cover the technical, economic and environmental aspects of developing WTE facilities. This includes studying the characteristics of high performance energy efficient plants, learning the best available techniques for plant operations and visiting state-of-the-art WTE facilities. Participants will also gain a better appreciation of environmental policies conducive for WTE developments, viable business models for WTE projects as well as insights into market opportunities for waste management projects in Asia.

Date: 5-7 June 2014

Location: Singapore

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