ISWA Beacon Conference on Waste Prevention and Recycling: Closing the Loops!


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ISWA Beacon Conference on Waste Prevention and Recycling: Closing the Loops!



Resource Efficiency – “Closing the Loops!”, Copenhagen, Denmark 16-17 June 2014

Final programme out now!

Do not miss out on the ISWA Beacon Conference focusing on closing material loops by quantitative and qualitative waste prevention, by designing loops without waste and by bringing valuable waste materials back in the raw material loop. Waste prevention and recycling are not goals by themselves, but rather methods of reaching the goal of resource efficiency by closing the material loops. The Beacon conference will therefore focus on both waste prevention and the role of recycling in closing the loops. As mentioned, the growth issue is one of the main drivers of the agenda, which means that the school of circular economy will be presented and discussed.

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Here are some of the speakers:





Janez Potočnik

EU Commissioner Janez Potočnik will participate on video with a keynote presentation on the status of the EU Road Map on resource efficiency and the upcoming proposals for new EU targets.

Kirsten Brosbøl

The Danish Minister for the Environment, Ms Kirsten Brosbøl, will present the newly adopted national resource strategy and the visions and focus areas of the future national waste prevention plan.

Walter R. Stahel

Walter R. Stahel from The Product-Life Institute, Geneva, will present the ideas behind Rethinking the future – circular economy. Together with Genevieve Reday he worked for the EU Commission on the report ‘The Potential for Substituting Manpower for Energy’ in 1976. Walter R.Stahel is one the fathers behind the vision ”an economy in loops” now called circular economy.



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