Mohd Radhi Cheah

Vice Chairman of WMAM

Mr. Radhi Cheah has been in the waste environment industry since the 1986 with over 31 years of experience. He has seen the development of the solid waste management in Malaysia from its infancy to what it is today. His group of companies is directly involved with the environmental or waste management related activities ranging from logistics, waste auditing, consultancy, trading and promoting of sustainable technologies for waste management.

He currently holds the position of Hon. Secretary of the Waste Management Association of Malaysia. He is also part of the task force for the Waste Management Development in Smart Communities for Melaka, a program initiated by the Malaysian-Industry for High technology (MIGHT) together with waste industry players from WMAM. The task force also works in developing a Waste Industry Eco Park (WEP) as part of a project in the new National Waste Grid Program.

He is much sought after in workshops and seminars in the Formulation of Waste Management Strategies in Malaysia. Presently, he is contributing to implement findings of the PEMANDU Waste Lab 2015 as an advisory role to the Delivery Management Office. He is a frequent speaker for established organisations and NGOs in local as well as regional conferences and forums.

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