Dato’ Mizan Yahya

WMAM EXCO & Co-Chairman of the Special Projects Committee

Dato’ Mizan is alumni of both Macquarie University (Australia) and Harvard. In the finance sector, he developed his foundation on structure, analysis, innovation within a compliance framework and shaped his core values and future outlook.

He is currently implementing the country’s first organic waste treatment facility which adopted a Blue Ocean approach in co-siting and co-treatment of waste fractions. He is promoting the development of a waste analytic application to leverage on waste big data and waste material flows in order to transform the management of waste in the country. Towards this end, he is also conducting pilot trials for IoT devices to measure volume, weight, and moisture for points of waste generation and working with a leading SaaS company for the fleet management, tracking, and monitoring of waste haulage vehicles, with the eventual goal of providing comprehensive intelligent end-to-end solutions.

As the Co-chair for Special Projects in the Waste Management Association of Malaysia (WMAM) he is leading the development of static and interactive waste maps, the development of a waste alliance networking platform and collaborative partner initiatives with the private sector to develop terms of references and solutions for waste projects.

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