Beachfront Clean-Up Collects 460kg of Waste In One Morning

MIRI: All it took was just one morning session of beach cleaning along 2km of beachfront and riverbank near Lutong bazaar in Miri district and 460kg of waste was collected.
The clean-up operation jointly carried out by the Miri City Council, Miri Community College and Miri Fire and Rescue Department yesterday saw plastic bags, plastic bottles, drink cans, glass bottles, boxes, wood waste and other household rubbish being collected.
The collected waste was then transported by council trucks to the council’s designated dumpsite.
“Such rubbish is found during every beach and riverbank cleaning exercise.“The last session also saw a huge amount of waste and now it is the same situation. “There is no end to the indiscriminate dumping,” said Miri mayor Adam Yii.
Environmentalists said it was time to use the full force of the law, especially with regards to plastic bags.
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