Who’s responsible for Indonesia’s deadly abandoned coal mines?

Hundreds of abandoned coal mine pits in Borneo reflect institutional failures and utter neglect from owners. And now, the life and health of surrounding communities are at stake.
A vast pool of dark green water, about the size of a football field, sits roughly 25 meters from Elementary School 033 in the Loh Iput Darat district in Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan.
The only barrier between the school and this pond is a rusty wire fence, broken in several places.
“Pit 2 belongs to PT MHU,” proclaims a red-painted sign board, indicating this pool has formed in a hole excavated and then left behind by the coal-mining company PT Multi Harapan Utama. There are no other warnings posted, let alone a guard, despite its proximity to a settlement and a school full of young children.
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