Wastewater Treatment Issues Must Be Taken Seriously

OCTOBER 13 — The importance of freshwater supply and safely-treated wastewater return must be exaggerated and over emphasised in Malaysia especially in urban areas. Despite being blessed with abundance of rainfall, water must be managed efficiently to ensure its sustainability and also to cater to demands for the generations to come. No matter how hard we try, we are still a long way from the most efficient, economic and reliable way to ensure our cities are properly equipped and ready for the challenge.
As a civilisation, we have achieved isolated instances of superb efficiency in water treatment and reuse. Clean water is an essential resource for people and their environments throughout the world.
Those who provide effective solutions for wastewater treatment play a pivotal role in returning clean, safe water back to its source.
Indah Water Konsortium (IWK), the nation’s largest sewerage treatment operator, currently manages South East Asia’s largest sewerage treatment plant at its Pantai 2 facility in Kuala Lumpur and a huge expenditure of tax payers’ money was invested in this eco-friendly facility. Operational efficiency is always of utmost importance in treatment facilities and this has driven innovation in the sector for quite some time and all these involves huge sums of capital, not to mention massive maintenance costs.
Recently, great advances have been made in the development of efficient technologies but challenges still remain. There are various challenges being faced by wastewater treatment plants and its operators in Malaysia.
Regulatory matters, enforcement, education, awareness and the lack of civic mindedness among Malaysians are some of the issues that must be addressed collectively by all parties especially by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL)and IWK.
Having served my residents’ association in Bangsar Baru for more than a decade, I am privileged to have met numerous service providers and engaged in various activities and community related awareness programmes over the years.
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