Volume Of Rubbish In Sungai Gombak Affecting Water Quality

SUNGAI Gombak is choked with rubbish and the water quality in the surrounding area is under threat.
Selangor Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) has already removed 35 tonnes of rubbish from the river so far this year. It removed more than 35 tonnes of rubbish from the same river over the whole of last year.
State DID director Azmi Ibrahim said the rising amount of rubbish found in Sungai Gombak was a serious threat to water quality in the area. “Currently, most of the rivers in Klang Valley have a water quality index classification of Class III, which means it is polluted and requires treatment.
“If things do not change, the quality will deteriorate to Class IV, which means the water is heavily polluted,” he explained. Azmi was speaking at the launch of the River of Life – Public Outreach Programme (ROL-POP) Phases 3B and 4 at Kampung Kerdas, Gombak.
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