Today's Garbage can be Tomorrow's Future


The Star Online

KUALA LUMPUR: In future, certain household waste need not end up in the rubbish dump but can be used to generate electricity and fuel for cooking.A proposal to introduce bio-digester systems in households has been submitted to the Cabinet for approval and could be implemented soon, said Deputy Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Dr James Dawos Mamit.A bio-digester system is for converting biological waste, including human and animal faecal matter as well as food wastes into bio gas, which can be used for cooking fuel and to generate electricity.“I have proposed this idea as part of the national waste management initiative to the Prime Minister and he has expressed his interest to pursue this further,” he said after opening the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM)’s Industrial Waste Management Conference 2014 here yesterday.Dr James said bio-wastes were useful energy resources which, if utilised, could benefit the environment and save cost.Currently, the faeces-generated energy is widely used by the rural folk of China and India.“In China and India, they use portable bio-digester systems whereby villagers can share the system. But in Malaysia, only a handful of manufacturers, researchers and individual farmers have been utilising this energy,” he said.

He believed waste management through the central sewage treatment system was fast becoming irrelevant, and that countries like Germany.Norway, Canada and the United States are beginning to move away from it.“We need to think of resolving the Government’s problem and at the same time, convert waste into an income-generating resource,” he said.He added that the proposal was to install an intergrated system, of which up to four houses might share one bio-digester system.Dr James said if the proposal was approved, the system would be implemented in Pekan, Pahang and at Zoo Negara before expanding into households.



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