Roadside rubbish will be cleared

A Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp) representative said the company would look into the rubbish, left along the side of Jalan Sultan Abdullah over the past three months by motorists who had stopped by the roadside to have their meals, even though there are two trash bins a few metres away at a petrol station.
Azman Abd Azim, 48, who works at Wisma Celcom nearby, said it was a neverending task to keep the area outside the building’s main entrance clear of litter.
“The side of the road is shaded, attracting people to park there, eat, and then discard the food and drink containers there,” he said.
“Stray dogs come here at night to seek food (from the trash) and are a danger to bystanders.”
He added that the leftover food in the containers also attracted monkeys, which left scratches on vehicles parked nearby.
“The discarded containers can also become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.”
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