PJ Resident Laments Rising Piles Of Rubbish

RUBBISH piling up near Jalan Othman in Petaling Jaya is worsening, said a resident.
The resident said the increasing volume of rubbish had attracted rodents and cockroaches.
“Even with on-time rubbish collection, it does not solve the problem as residents in this area accumulate rubbish quickly.
“Until the next collection, their rubbish is piled up outside their compounds.
“When this happens, the rubbish is left to rot and pests will scavenge for food among the waste.
“Stray cats and dogs will also scatter the rubbish when they scavenge for food. The mess worsens when it rains,” he said.
As a person who promoted recycling, the resident said he tried to reduce waste in his residential area, but it was in vain.
“If I am the only one doing it and my neighbours are not bothered to do anything, the situation won’t change,” he added.
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