Ocean conservation efforts needed

KOTA KINABALU: Saddened by the way people treated the ocean as a dumpsite, a group of 30 youths from Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei cleaned up a litter-strewn beach and came up with ideas to help conserve the environment.
The participants of the Borneo Eco Warriors workshop from Brunei were especially shocked by the amount of rubbish during a field trip.
Anis Bazilah, one of the Brunei delegates, said it was eye-opening to see the effects that people had on the environment.
“We had a field trip during the second day of the workshop and it was very disheartening to see parts of our home turning into dumpsites,” she said.

However, she was glad to discover that there were people who were taking the initiative to tackle this problem.
The Borneo Eco Warriors workshop aimed to create awareness on ocean conservation.
The four-day workshop held at the Courtyard Hotel in Kota Kinabalu also saw participants visiting the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and Sabah Wetland Conservation Centre.
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