Malaysian Firm Signs Mou With Govt to Build Factory

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the world’s largest biomass producers, Mrs. Zurina Amnan, said Bionas would implement five blocks of 10,000 hectares in cultivating jathropa in five locations to produce biomass and biofuel. She said they planned to invest in waste-to-energy plant where 1,000 pound of garbage daily would be processed to produce 258mw electricity to serve 96,000 houses without any waste or pollution. The duration of the projects is between 18 months and two years, using latest technology.
“Bionas is a consortium of companies that uses latest technology in producing biomass and biofuel from jathropa. Bionas is the world’s largest biomass producers, using jathropa. Bionas is based in 52 countries. It is made up of six companies in China and 21 companies in Malaysia with 30 years experience in build, operate and transfer. We have developers, investors and builders, who can build a house in eight hours, using eight workers.
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