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ISWA World Congress 2014: Newsletter


More than 200 selected presentations in over 20 thematic sessions

The Abstracts submission for the ISWA World Congress 2014 has ended in February 28th and was a huge success. We received 705 abstracts from 48 countries about all the themes foreseen for the event.

After an intense evaluation by the members of the Scientific Committee, all papers have been analyzed, and from those received, 213 authors were approved for oral presentations, which will be distributed among over 20 thematic sessions during the Congress.The programme will be out in the following few days.

The event will be a grand opportunity for the international community to exchange ideas, integrate solutions and develop common visions for the future of a much more sustainable and healthy world.

We expect to cluster participants from various countries to establish a global network in the Solid Waste field gathering researchers, public authorities, technicians, and business leaders among other interested stakeholders.

We are working hard to make this Congress a truly memorable experience to all participants.

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The ISWA2014 World Congress will take place in September and one of the event’s highlight is the ISWA 2014 Panel. A big photographic board with several images sent by internet surfers!

Your pictures related to Solid Waste, such as ones showing recycling, earthwork, disposing spots, and innovative dumps, among others, can be posted at ISWA 2014’s Facebook page until July 31st. During the event, the panel will be displayed with some of the images selected by the Organizing Committee.

Share your experience: send as many pictures as you wish and be a part of the ISWA2014 PhotoExperience!

Discover Brazil – Foz do Iguaçu

There are many touristic hotspots in Brazil one of the most impressive being the Iguazu waterfalls at Foz do Iguaçu,a Brazilian city located at the boarder of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

At Iguazu National Park you will have the opportunity to visit not only the Iguazu Falls, UNESCO World heritage Site, but also the Itapu Hydro-electic Power Station.

The Iguazu Falls receive over 1 million visitors per year, and is known worldwide for its beauty. The 295 waterfalls of the Iguazu River are located inside the National Park, on the board between Brazil and Argentina, and can be seen through viewpoints and footbridges.

Itapu’s Hydro-eclectic Power Station is a binational investment located at the Parana River, on the frontier between Brazil and Paraguay. It was built by both counties between 1975 and 1982 and it’s today the largest power station in the world.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to gvisit Foz do Iguaçu before or after the ISWA 2014 World Congress!

RWM Brasil

8-11 September 2014 – Brazil is the place to be: ISWA and the city of São Paulo will host the ISWA World Congress 2014 in conjunction with the 2014 IPLA Global Forum in São Paulo.

RWM Brasil – the industries’s exhibition in Brasil – will run at the same time as the ISWA World Congress, making these aligned events the most important congregation of solid waste management professionals in Latin America for 2014 and a unique opportunity for doing business in Brazil.

To find out more about RWM Brazil please click here.

Let’s meet in São Paulo!

Why not lounge and process all the new information and ideas from the World Congress in Ibirapuera Park?

Ibirapuera Park is the largest urban park in the city of São Paulo. The scenary is calm and displays various animal species and native trees.

Ibirapuera is also a huge cultural center gathering museums such as the Modern Art Museum (MAM), the Afro-Brazil Museum, the Brazilian Cultures Pavillion, the Planetarium, the OCA building and the Bienal. At night, it’s possible to watch the Water Show in the fountains inside the lake.

Brazilian Beats

País Tropical was written by the Brazilian singer and songwriter Jorge Ben. The song was originally recorded in the year of 1969, in the beginning of the Tropicália movement.

The song highlights Brazil’s beauties and the virtues of its people, which helped the song to quickly become a big national success. Another important factor for its enormous popularity was the mixture of diverse musical styles with the essence of the typically Brazilian rhythm.

As time went by, País Tropical became one of the biggest hits of Jorge Ben’s career.
Listen to it here.


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