ISWA 6 Month Trial Membership as of January 2015


As already announced in a previous update on activities, we will change the 1-Year-Trial Membership to a 6-Month-Trial Membership as of January 2015. Please note the following information regarding the co-operation: 

ISWA Trial Memberships

6-Month-Trial Membership as of January 2015
An exclusive offer in co-operation with ISWA National Members. National Members promote the ISWA Trial Membership to their members and encourage them to register online. This ISWA Trial Membership runs six months for free and grants Trial Members some access to ISWA benefits (see the
current flyer for further details) and gives interested companies, organisations and individuals an insight into ISWA’s work and activities.

Please promote this offer instead of the 1-Year-Trial Membership as of January 2015 using the current flyer. If you are interested in supporting us, please contact Mr Holzschuster (aholzschuster(at) directly, he will gladly inform you about the necessary steps required.

In addition, ISWA offers a 3-Month-Trial Membership to the public. These Trial Members will receive the same benefits as 6-Month-Trial Members but the validity is limited to only 3 months. Due to this limitation the 6-Month-Trial Membership should be seen as a valuable benefit which ISWA National Members can offer exclusively to their association’s members in order to help ISWA to attract new members.

You may use the following banner to promote the 6-Month-Trial Membership:
Download: 6-Month-Trial Membership Banner

You will find more comprehensive information on benefits for ISWA National Members and co-operation opportunities with ISWA here and, of course, in your
ISWA Member Area.

ISWA highly appreciates your support. If you need any further information or if you have any questions we kindly ask you to contact the ISWA General Secretariat:

e-mail: iswa(at)
phone: +43 1 253 60 01

Thank you for your continuing support of ISWA, the world’s leading waste management network and best wishes for the festive season and 2015!

ISWA Member Service


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