How to build a compost


Instead of throwing out your waste, why not use it to make your own organic compost, suggests JUL YEN.YOU’ve no doubt seen the campaigns to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” and wondered what you can do to reduce waste deposits at landfill sites. The good news is that, if you grow plants, you can

 achieve your own virtuous cycle.For example, if you prepare a melon for dessert, use the rinds and seeds to make compost instead of throwing them out for a truck to bring to a landfill.

Composting kitchen waste reduces the rubbish you leave outside your gate, and produces organic compost that helps to heal and grow your garden.There are few things as satisfactory as eating food you have grown yourself: knowing that no chemicals were used, no carbon produced, and that healthy organic materials are not wasting away in yet another landfill.

My mother always had a compost heap for recycling garden waste.When we moved into our new house we reserved a corner for trimmings, palm fronds, dried leaves etc.My partner, vaguely recalling her grandmother’s method, threw vegetable and fruit peels on top of the heap.But this attracted shrews, ants and the occasional wildlife and was unsightly. So, we set up a composting system to turn garden and kitchen waste into beautiful compost. 


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