Headstart in Dealing With E-Waste – Malaysia

Sabah Police Criminal Investigation Department Deputy Chief ACP Jauteh Dikun said the physical exhibits of previous crime cases, from 2002 to 2014, will be passed to a licensed contractor under the Environmental Department and shipped off to disposal sites in the peninsula or Sarawak. Jauteh hoped other district police offices would also implement the new system.
Previously, all disposals of crime exhibits were done manually, whereby the items were left in an area before the agencies involved (MACC, JKR, etc.) came in and took over.
“However, now, with the assistance of the State Environmental Department, a more systematic e-waste disposal practice has been introduced,” he said.
“This new technique will ease the burden of the police in managing crime exhibits as these items face huge damage risks if kept for too long.
“The seizure of crime exhibits come in mass proportions, thus this new procedure resolves storage problems for the police,” he added.
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