A Public Duty to Keep Cities Clean

A month ago, my column mentioned that Ipoh City Council had done a good job in maintaining cleanliness. However, compared with many other countries, Malaysian towns and cities are still not considered clean. There is still a dire need for Malaysians and the local authorities to make all human settlements, irrespective of big or small, clean and healthy. As such, it is useful for Malaysians to pay attention to the cleanest cities in the world and the reasons behind their success.
One can find various lists of clean city rankings these days. One list, cited in The Guardian, lists the 10 cleanest cities in 2017 as follows: 10. Freiburg (Germany), 9. Oslo (Norway), 8. Helsinki (Finland), 7. Wellington (New Zealand), 6. Copenhagen (Denmark), 5. Kobe (Japan), 4. Minneapolis (US), 3. Honolulu (US), 2. Adelaide (Australia) and 1. Calgary (Canada).
According to another ranking provided by the World’s Top 10 List website, the top 10 cleanest cities in 2017 are: 10. Bern (Switzerland), 9. Oslo (Norway), 8. Freiburg (Germany), 7. Brisbane (Australia), 6. Kobe (Japan), 5. Stockholm (Sweden), 4. Singapore (Singapore), 3. Adelaide (Australia), 2. Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) and 1. Calgary (Canada).
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