79% Of Plastic In Landfills, Water Bodies

NEW DELHI: When Prime Minister Narendra Modi had last year given a call to save cows from plastic, his message brought into focus the hazards of this non-biodegradable product not only for animals but also for the overall environment.

Protection of cows or other animals from plastic can well be dealt with by civic authorities but the challenge to save the earth from plastic waste seems tough. The ecological hazards, posed by this conventional fossil fuel-based product, is much bigger across the globe where it pollutes water, air and soil, affecting human and aquatic lives.

An international journal, Science Advances, of the US-based non-profit organisation, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), has come out with a new study on plastic, quantifying its production and explaining how 79% of the total plastic waste of 6,300 million metric tons (MMT) is accumulated in landfills or in the natural environment (river system and oceans).


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