KDEB promises regular rubbish collection in Selayang

WASTE management company KDEB Waste Management Sdn Bhd has promised to solve the irregular rubbish collection problem in the Selayang municipality in two months’ time. Its general manager, Ramli Mohd Tahir, said the company would give Selayang Municipal Council 32 compactors in addition to the existing 12 to put an end to the problem. Another 20 roll-on/roll-off lorries would also be delivered at the same time, he added.
Ramli was commenting on Selayang residents’ complaints that uncollected rubbish for three days had caused a foul stench and raised hygiene concerns in Kampung Baru Selayang, the Selayang market and Selayang Mulia neighbourhood. He said the company, which also served the Ampang Jaya Municipal Ciuncil and Klang Municipal Council, said an inventory on the rubbish collection in Selayang mainly in Kampung Baru Selayang was done.
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